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Cargo to Pakistan From Dubai – Best Cargo Rates From Dubai to Pakistan

Cargo to Pakistan From Dubai

These days a simple search on Google can bring up plenty of so-called cargo companies advertisement that claims to offer instant, secure best cargo to Pakistan door to door service. However, many of them are not professional cargo service in Dubai and even could not response customer inquiries. Tiger Cargo LLC is a professional cargo service in Dubai that is a partner with an International cargo company and has its own trusted, experienced and professional staff in Pakistan who transfer our customers good at their house without any damage. Our cargo rates from Dubai to Pakistan is very reasonable. We offer both air cargo and sea cargo. If you want to send you goods instantly we suggest you get our air cargo service that offers 3-5 days guaranteed delivery. If you don’t have much budget and can wait for up to 30-40 days then sea cargo is the best option.  Unlike other companies, we don’t ask for much weight and accept even if you have 40K Weight (Minimum Quantity).We also do mobile and laptops shipment.

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